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(Fixed) Office 365 installation stuck at 2 percent

Whenever if you trying to install office 365 updated version and you keep getting error office is installing in the background stuck at 2% it means you haven’t installed previous office 365 properly or your previous office file got corrupt. and you might be seen below the image as an error of Office 365 installation stuck at 2 percent.

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Image of installing office

How to fix the Office 365 installation stuck at 2 percent?


This problem occurs because the following installation file is corrupted


Chances- High Risk. You may loose your office documents.


The setup usually hangs at 45% or 65% of completion. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

Run sfc/scannow command in windows

image of sfc scannow

Clear Temp files from the system

  1. Click on start and type “run” in search bar
  2. type %temp% in the box and press enter
  3. Select all temp files and delete

Option 1 – Uninstall Office from the Control Panel

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. In the search box on the task bar, type control panel, then select Control Panel.
  3. Select Programs > Programs and Features, then right-click your Microsoft Office product, and choose Uninstall.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the uninstall.

Option 2 – Completely uninstall Office with the uninstall support tool

  1. Click the button below to download and install the Office uninstall support tool.

2. Follow the steps below to download the uninstall support tool according to your browser.

  1. Edge or Chrome
  2. In the lower-lower left corner right-click SetupProd_OffScrub.exe > Open.Where to find and open the Support Assitant download file in a Chrome web browser
  3. Edge (older) or Internet ExplorerAt the bottom of the browser window, select Run to launch the SetupProd_OffScrub.exe.Where to find and open the Support Assitant download file in the Edge or Internet Explorer web browser
  4. Firefox In the pop-up window, select Save Fileand then from the upper-right browser window, select the downloads arrow > SetupProd_OffScrub.exe.Where to find and open the Support Assitant download file in a Chrome web browser
  5. Select the version you want to uninstall, and then select Next.
  6. Follow through the remaining screens and when prompted, restart your computer.After you restart your computer, the uninstall tool automatically re-opens to complete the final step of the uninstall process. Follow the remaining prompts.
  7. If you want to reinstall Office, select the steps for the version you want and follow those steps. Close the uninstall tool.
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